oil presser on 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora

when car temp reaches 200 degrees, oil presser computer reading drops to 0 at idle,and raise as you accelerate and warning goes away at 1500 rpms its around 51 psi

The oil pressure needs to be checked with a mechanical gauge to find out if the problem is really low oil pressure or a faulty oil pressure sending unit.
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all i did was remove the EGR valve and cleaned bottom of it out really well with carb cleaner and it fixed it. I had the exact same problem.. info dash said oil pressure was low (5 or less) at idle but when i accelerated it went away. carb cleaner costs $3 at autozone.. hope this helps..
have u had the fuel line replaced yet. (recall item) i was having the same problem. spent alot of money on fixes that did not work. the problem i had was that the pressure would drop. and let me tell you if i made a turn the it would get so low the car would shut down. I checked for recalls and had the fuel line changed by the dealer and my problem went away.
What a waste of money!
your car may be equiped with oil cooler lines. check for any leaks and repair them if so. even a small leak will give you low oil pressure at idle. The oil pump & other internal engine faults are often blamed for a slight oil leak which will give you false readings