1997 Ford Taurus Q&A

1997 Ford Taurus Question: Oil Pan Made out of What

Is the 97 Taurus oil pan, steel or aluminum? -
Answer 1
With the 3.0L V6 it can be either steel or aluminum. The 24V DOHC V6 will have an aluminum oil pan and I believe the 24V engine was only available on the LX trim line (there are usually badges to denote the 24V duratec engine). The older style 3.0 (pushrod engine) has a steel pan You can verify by looking under your car with a flashlight. The steel pan will be smooth (it is stamped) and often is painted black. The aluminum pan will look like a casting I believe. I am referring the engine oil pan -
Answer 2
An easy way the tell if your oil pan is steel or aluminum is to touch it with a magnet. The magnet will stick to steel but not aluminum. Please make sure you are checking the engine oil pan, not the transmission oil pan! -
Answer 3
see if a magnet sticks to it,if it does its steel. -