Oil pan gasket leaking on 2007 Toyota Camry

I went in for an oil change at the dealer and he said i have an oil leak and it "might need an oil pan gasket" replaced. Is it possible for a 2007 camry to already have a weared out oil pan gasket. how would i know if the dealer is just pulling my leg or even worst the dealer caused the leak itself.

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#1 you always get better service from a good local shop than the dealership. this is why 80% of their business disappears when the factory warranty runs out. this does not mean "Goober Lube", this means a real shop, that's locally owned by someone that has a great reputation.

#2 "might" does not have anything to do with reality. a second opinion is always a good thing. if your doctor told
you that you "might" have a brain tumor, what would you do?

#3 how could they cause this "maybe" leak?? you don't know for certain that you even have a leak, yet you've already
cast doubt that they somehow have deliberately damaged your car. it's called "ever since" syndrome.

#4 oil pan gaskets, valve cover gaskets, water pump gaskets
will all eventually leak. they do not wear out. have you ever had a faucet drip at your house? same thing.

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have someone else look at it to confirm it.

a second opinion is always good to verify.

I personally had my oil pan gasket leak 3 times within the first 40 k miles they finally replaced the oil pan itself. It was a faulty part like there are so may badly made parts on the 2007 Camry. I can write a small book of things that broke on this Camry.