2002 Jaguar X-Type Q&A

2002 Jaguar X-Type Question: Oil Pan Gasket

What should the estimated cost to replace an oil pan gasket? -
Answer 1
The sub-frame has to be dropped to replace the oil pan gasket. $50.00 part...teh rest is labor. shop around -
Answer 2
You have to remove the transfer case (at 2.5V6, 3.0V6) or you have to make a special tool to unscrew bolt under transfer case. Before this you have to remove front pipe and middle pipe under oil pan. Because of not too clever construction, removing the pipe is not easy (you will see). Not to remove subframe, you needn't. The whole process time depends on that, you have special tool for bolt under transfer case or not. At least one day for a garage warrior, or 5 days if you will remove transfer box as in JTIS. Better if a good car mechanic will do. I done on my car myself (I had to replace transfer case too so I did it during that process), but I never will again. sorry for bad news -
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