oil pan gasket on 1998 Buick Regal

I need a new oil pan gasket and was told the labor was 595 but I can't afford that. What happens if I don't get it fixed

by in Lambertville, MI on September 13, 2009
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ANSWER by on September 13, 2009
Ask the shop how high a priority is it to have the oil pan gasket replaced? Is the gasket just "damp" or is it pouring oil out? A leaking gasket could if it is serious enough cause an engine to run out of oil so keep an eye on the oil level. Environmentally it is not good.
ANSWER by on September 13, 2009
Get another estimate. That's way out of the ballpark. Make sure it not the valve cover gaskets leaking.
ANSWER by on September 18, 2009
I did the job myself for total of 50 dollars the most expensive part of it was the oil pan gaskett and an oil change. My Riviera has an array of 3/8 bolts which circle the oil pan, they are all easy to get to and remove. When removing the pan gently pull the pan after the bolts have been removed then gently remove the gasket which is a tray of sorts I had to remove the oil pump pick up tube which was a little tricky but easily done. When tightening the bolts just snug up and don't worry about gasket sealant the gasket has rubber impregnated on upper and lower side of gasket. I really love this car working on it is so easy compared to other vehicles I have had.
ANSWER by on September 20, 2010
Labor charges will vary depending upon the model vehicle and the difficulty in accessing the oil pan gasket surface. For some vehicles the engine is required to be raised for access. Obviously that situation requires more time and effort.
ANSWER by on September 20, 2010
Depends on the severity of leak I repaired mine for about 50 dollars including oil change. It was a easy fix I thought having repaired a leak on my maxima a couple years ago. Just drive car on ramps and you'll see about 18 unobscured 3/8 bolts to remove and gently drop pan the pick up strainer will jam in the gasket remove it and clean the surfaces and reinstall use gasket sealer. You'll probably able to reuse your gasket because it is a plastic one just clean and reinstall save you about 38 dollars
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