2002 Saturn L300 Q&A

2002 Saturn L300 Question: oil pan

Hello! is it hard to replace a oil pan 2002 saturn 3.0 -
Answer 1
Labor rate guide says labor to replace is about 1.5 hours. I looked at the repair instructions, it did not seem complex to replace the engine oil pan. Oil pan bolts get tightened to 11 ft/lb this engine doesn't use an oil pan gasket from new, Saturn use a sealer (any auto parts store has a comparable product), Felpro may list a gasket between the oil pan and engine. -
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Do you have to remove anything to get the oil pan off on a 02 saturn L300 -
Comment 2
The exhaust must ne removed. There are three exhaust bolts toward the front or the car and three on the center of the exhaust where it comes together on the middle of the car. I just replaced mine last week. Really easy fix once the exhaust is removed. -
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Service man recommended going to a dealer that has Saturn Parts and get new pan. This is about $677. Is there a less expensive solution?
Also what does it cost to put a rebuilt transmission in this same car. Thanks..I need a honest mechanic.
The oil pan has a hole in it form running over a shovel, all of the oil leaked out.
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