OIL ON SPARK PLUGS?? on 1993 BMW 325is

first things first. i frikken LOVE this car... i bought it as my first car.. sure it has some problems that i cope with but doesnt seem to affect much. after i bought it there were 2 oil leaks. one from the shift shaft seal which only ran me 200 bucks to replace. and another from some weird bolt i had found on the side of my engine. i simply tightend that with a creset wrench to fix it. but today was unusual. i decided to change my spark plugs. and on the third one startinf from the front end of my car working my way back. the third one had oil in it??? i am not so sure what this means but would it be the reason why my car has irregular idle sometimes, that and lack of power on acceleration? i also noticed a heavy smell of fumes before i changed my spark plugs. any info would be helpfull please leave comments id love to be able to keep my car.

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Most likely your valve cover tube seals are leaking, oil gets in there and then creats a miss fire on that cylinder. Most likely you need valve cover gaskets replaced should fix your problems. Hope this helps Thanks Brian at Sidework Performance