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Ford F-150 Engine Oil Leak from Right Head Gasket

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An oil leak may develop from the the right side head gasket.  Oil from this type of leak will commonly drip onto the starter. Our technician tell us an updated head gasket is available to correct this concern.

Right side of engine from driver's view is leaking oil from the head gasket near the back of the engine. Dealer indicated that it is a 3K repair. No recall on the head gaskets. Do I live with it? Not sure what to do at this point. -
leaks out back of head gasket on passenger side. drips on starter and tail pipe. uses a quart about every 350 miles. come on ford, time to step up and make this right or i can find my way to the gm dealership. -
I noticed an oil spot on my driveway and had never had one before beneath my truck. I got under truck and noticed there was oil all over the starter and exhaust. At first i thought it might be a rear main seal leaking, but seeing that the oil was coming from higher up i suspected the head gasket may be leaking and dropping oil on to the starter and exhaust. I am mechanically inclined but now that i am older and can't get around like i used too i took the truck to a reliable garage.I did not tell them what i suspected but just described the problem. They called me the next day to come by the garage and sure enough the head gasket was leaking on the passengers side of the truck. i made a decision to replace the head bolts and gaskets on both sides, to replace the tensioners,and the timing chain while they had it torn down. It appears that this is a very common problem among 1997 Ford F150 4.6 Liter V8 Engines and I do not why there hasn't been a recall to address this problem. Been a Ford man all my life, but Ford not stepping up to do anything has me pissed off. -
oil leak in head gasket on passenger side rear, drips down on starter & exhaust pipe -
the head gasket has fielded and is leaking coolant in to the oil -
Oil leaking from the right side onto the starter. Ford said it was the right side head gasket and want about 2700 to fix it. I don't have that kind of money. What do I do? -
oil leak right head, the newer fords get, the more they suck -
Oil leaking down to starter and exhaust pipe, smoke's bad due to oil leak. Haven't fixed it yet. MONEY PROBLEM'S -
still have problem -
My f150 has been leaking plenty around the starter, I had two guys work on it . they pulled the engine and said the bottom side is new including the rear main seal . I got the truck while I was at work. I was letting it warm up I noticed there was oil under there on the cement. the next day I pointed it out to one of them . He said we need to do the top too. since then I've been checking . Put the truck on ramps , and wiped everything I could reach. Started it up , cawled under and within two minutes the oil started dripping from the starter - the lower mouting bolt , then the upper one. at arapid rate I could not determin where it was comming from. -
Same problem. Very aggravating. Ford should step up and do a recall -
I noticed the same issue when my truck was up on a lift, the technician said it was very minor leak, and fluid levels fine. I'll eventually replace the gasket as I understand from reading this post, that there is a newer gasket that resolves this issue. -
Oil leaking from passenger side rear of engine. Runs down on starter and exhaust. Smells bad and looks bad , looks like truck is burning up with the smoke coming up from the exhaust. I've been advised its a leaking head gasket real expensive to repair not to say time consuming I lose about 3 quarts a week oil so that's expesive also caught between a rock & a hard place -
Haven't fixed it yet. Dealer cost estimate was over $2000. Too much to spend on an old truck. It's unfortunate though. It still runs and drives great. -
oil leaking on to starter and exhaust manifold, with antifreeze leak, financial issues due to medical bills, and 5g to repiar my 2005 f250 that went down with 89000 miles, now im unable to get f-150 repaired. Due to the mechanical issues with the newer fords ill be selling all my fords even my f-100 and looking for a chevrolet or dodge im done with fords. -
Oil leak on right of motor on starter to bad that ford won't stand behind there mistakes -
Smokes from dripping on starter and exhaust catalytic obviously a manufacturing defect since this happens to most folks who have the 1999 Ford 4.6L. My neighbor has the same Expedition same year and trim and he asked me if my spark plugs have blown out yet? Apparently, Ford had it's best on tap when they dreamed this vehicle up. -
leaking oil out off back .under the head onto the starter and exhaust .truck has been took care of drove mild . it also has blew out spark plug .and had to be repaired twice at chevy and ford dealership .taking it to ford dealer in morganton nc tomorrow. in hopes of getting new gasket . i know its going to cost fortune .it also had heater core problem which was very costly. i need my ride -
Oil dripping from right side back of engine. Leaks onto starter and exhaust. -
Head gasket leaks oil on rear passenger side. Loses about a quart in 4500 miles. head gasket leaks slight ammount of antifreeze on front passenger side head gasket. Removing radiator cap slows leak. Loses about 1/2gal a month -
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