Mercedes-Benz CLK320 Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz CLK320 Engine Oil Leak From PCV Vent Housing and/or Engine Inspection Plate

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An engine Oil leak may develop from the PCV vent housing on the valve cover and/or the inspection plate on the front of the engine.

Kept smelling burning oil every once-in-awile. Researched and visually observed very small seepage from the inspection plate while car was running. Did not seep while engine not running. Bought the gasket online for $10. 30 minutes labor in my driveway. Spilled about a half cup of oil when I removed the plate. Smelled burning oil for a while afterwards because the oil leaked down into every crevice possible. No smell for almost a year now. Oil level constant -
lober motors in Chicago Lincolnwood said it was the velvel cover leaking replace the gaskets -
Change the head gasket cover the driver side is leaking oil -
Small oil leak in front of engine problem not resolved -
Just had our 2005 CLK 320 serviced for 1) oil change and 2) brake fluid changed, and the shop stated the following: "PCV PLATE RE SEAL NEEDED $175.00 (PCV PLATE IS PLUGGED UP AND LEAKING OIL" Wondering if this is something I can do myself. Appreciate any advice on this. -
Oil leaking from valve cover area - relatively minor leak, but some smoking. About $320 to fix. -
told it was a cracked valve gasket cover -
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