Dodge Caravan Problem Report

Dodge Caravan Engine Oil Leak From Oil Filter Adapter

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An oil leak from the oil filter adapter may be evident. Dodge has made a revised oil filter adapter is available.

Oil leaking from "oil filter adapter" at attachment point to engine block. Having the oil filter adapter gasket, which is an O-Ring, replaced. My vehicle is a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan SE 3.3 L. -
Oil leaking from base of oil filter housing and running down filter... makes a mess. Repair parts are available. -
Leaks oil as describe above. Need to buy the parts, will repair myself. -
Leaking oil. This has been a good car. Will repair myself. -
I have oil leaking from the filter housing where it connects to the engine block. I pulled the three bolts out of it, And it would not come off. I could not find my repair manual so I just put the bolts back on. Not sure if there is some internal parts holding it on. Have not come up with the solution yet. -
gasket at base of oil filter housing on engine side leaking. still looking for correct parts to order as it seems like adapter has been modified by Dodge to fix this problem. -
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