2000 Plymouth Voyager Q&A

2000 Plymouth Voyager Question: oil light stays on

last week oil light came on, so we changed oil and filter. Now light will not go off and continues to beep. Help -
Answer 1
Does the engine run and sound OK? You may have a problem with the oil pressure warning system. If you really so have an oil pressure problem, you will damage the engine if you continue to drive the car. I recommend you get the car towed (unless you're absolutely sure that you have oil pressure) to a Chrysler specialist. Here's a directory link for you: http://repairpal.com/directory?address=14072&car_brand_names=Plymouth -
Answer 2
There is an oil pressure sensor under the AC unit. Cost is $15, and is very easy to replace with a special socket specifically for the sensor itself. When it goes bad, the oil light will remain on and constantly beeps, which is incredibly annoying. -
Answer 3
your oil sending unit is out -