oil light on on 1997 Nissan Maxima

I own a 97 Nissan Maxima and whenever I drive it the oil light comes on. I have already got oil change and reset all lighting systems, but it's still on. Also, the engine leaks, but I refill it whenever its low. Any help?

by in Minneapolis, MN on February 19, 2009
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ANSWER by on February 19, 2009
It is so important to have a properly operating oil warning light. I suspect the oil pressure warning light switch has failed. A failed oil pressure switch can cause the light to stay on and cause a serious leak. It is located near the oil filter. Has the oil filter also been changed?
COMMENT by on February 20, 2009
autotechpat: I believe they did. I went to valvoline and they went through it all. The guy there also mention something about the oil pressure. The car has leaked over half a year now but the light never came on until a week ago.
ANSWER by on March 17, 2009
Autotect is right about the oil that maybe leaking onto the oil pressure switch and after a good period of time the switch can be shorted out. But the leak must be fix, oil can be leaking from the rear valve cover, which is the one closes to the engine fire wall.
COMMENT by on March 17, 2009
Oh! I have a 97 Nissan Max too with 331K miles and running strong... keep in touch I keep a log on everything I have done to it to keep it running.
COMMENT by on March 17, 2009
I had one of my friend checked it out, and he said it has to be the oil pump. Because you can hear the knocking in the engine very clear...But one of my other friend it might be something else..any help?
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