1995 Audi 90 Quattro Q&A

1995 Audi 90 Quattro Question: oil light comes on when above 2000 rpms

i need to know if it might be sensor and where is it. oil gauge still reads good pressure oil light sending unit? -
Answer 1
oil is not going back to the sump fast enough, change the oil and filter using the correct grade for your car and must syntetic. -
Comment 1
changed oil to 15w-40 royal purple with KnN oil filter took for drive light did not come on. Got home looked under the car and was puddle of oil. oil pressure switch that controls light was leaking. the one on car had yellow insulation on bought new one it was brown. Installed new one now light and beeper have returned. If I got dirt in sensor putting in would that cause this or what else could be the problem? please help -
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i changed oil to correct grade and KnN filter drove around and lights and dinging did not go off. When I got home noticed oil under car good size to. Found oil sending switch leaking so I replaced ...