Oil light comes on going up mountain, fan motor on when stopped Radiator noise. on 1996 Honda Accord

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My wife says the oil light keeps coming on when going up a moutain. The fan motor stays on when she cuts the motor off for a few minutes and the Radiator makes a gurgeling sound after shutting car off. I checked the radiator fluid level, ok. Oil level is between the two holes on the dip stick. Normal level as far as I know. Work performed: New radiator & cap. New water pump & thermostat & timing belt, new head gasket & seals. New tune up kit with NGK plugs & plug wires & distributer cap and rotor. Still having same problem, oil light comes on going up mountian.
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I think your onto something. My wife is not the best at discribing what is going on! I questioned her several times and then it gets confusing! :)
I know EXACTLY what you mean! Hope mine isn't looking over my shoulder.
The going up the mountain thing and oil light don't add up! Should have the same problem anywhere if it were pressure or wiring related.
Yes, it doesnt make sense, maybe I am not getting the right picture from my wife. I dont think she knows what those red lights are!!
Thanks for your input....will check on this. I meant new valve cover gasket and seals, not new head gasket. I check the exhaust, smells normal, oil looks good, and anti freeze looks normal as well. I did a pressure check on the cooling system 17lbs slowly leaked down over a 20 minute period. The mechanic said it could have leaked from the radiator cap, because the pressure test converter might have leaked some, not a tight fit.
Check wiring around the sending unit for damage (frayed & shorting to ground). If oil sender & wiring are all wet , I would start with replacing the sending unit as globalhelper stated.
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