oil light comes on and the oil pressure drops on 1998 Ford F-150

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took to shop, replaced oil pump and then oil leaks, replaced the dipstick tube, timing chain gasket, and other gaskest, still getting leaks, dude says its the tappet pan cover gasket, replaced that, still leaking and smoking, got second opinion, its the oil pump gasket, get that replaced, then the oil pressure drops again, take it back, they claim the replaced oil pump, says the dipstick tube was leaking like a siv, so the replaced that and the timing chain gasket too. then he says, if the pressure drops again, it's your bearing!? Really? is that the case, our maintenance book doesn't say anything about a bearing regarding low oil pressure. help please? Is this guy telling us that he's done doing business with us?
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If you have too much clearance at the lower end crankshaft bearings it can cause a loss of oil pressure. I suggest adding dye and run engine to see where the oil leak is coming from. Clean engine thoroughly before adding the dye.
They say that they did that...supposedly all the leaks are finally fixed, after several attempts. but still the oil light flickers and the oil presure guage is fluttering a little.
Then I would be leaning toward the bearing clearance problem.
ok, thanks for your help!