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2001 Ford Escape Question: oil light

oil light comes on only when it is a hot day and goes off while i am driving.also the oil level is fine. -
Answer 1
You are going to want to check your oil level sending unit. Any reputible repair pal shop in your area should be able to test the sender. Its possible it is the sender itself or the wiring going to it. -
Answer 2
Get the oil pressure checked by a repair shop. Oil in the pan won't lubricate without circulation, and for that it needs volume and correct pressure. The oil pump's pick-up screen might be restricted and won't allow enough oil pass through or a failing pressure sensor. Don't risk your engine, take it to a shop. Zee -
Answer 3
if your able -change the oil sending unit yourself-and see if it corrects the problem.if not take it in and have the pressure checked manually.might save you alot of cash. -
Answer 4
oil light comes on after five minutes when car is on and it starts knocking could it be the oil pan? -
Comment 1
Could be a serous engine damage from the lack of oil pressure. Don't run the engine in this condition. I suggest a mechanical inspection. Zee -
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