oil light on 2000 Lincoln Town Car

In cold weather the check oil light goes on and off until the engine temp rises to normal. Do I have an oil sending unit going bad? How much to repair it?

by in Paris, KY on January 27, 2010
1 answer
ANSWER by on January 29, 2010
first do a mechanical oil pressure test. what weight oil are you using? does the oil pressure read normally the rest of the time? if all these tests are correct, then deal with the sending unit.
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...ave had it checked and was told it was the oxygen sensor. I didnt think that would cause the oil light to come on as well. Sometimes it is while ideling other times when driving 40-70 mph. Also a...
how to clear (reset) overhead console "change oil now" I have done exactly what owners manual said and it still won't reset. Also parking assist will not reset either.
Oil change was done, but oil light was no reset.

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