2004 Dodge Stratus Q&A

2004 Dodge Stratus Question: oil light

i just changed my oil and the oil light keeps coming on. Is there something that i need to reset or do? -
Answer 1
Is the low oil pressure light (red), oil change reminder (yellow), or low oil level light (color unknown) on? Low oil pressure suggests a significant problem, rechecking the oil level would be a good place to start. Low oil would indicate a problem with the low oil sensor if the oil level is correct. If the oil change reminder light is on have a look in your owners manual, it should have a reset procedure for you. -
Answer 2
On a Dodge Stratus the (oil ) Water pump runs off of the timing belt. (How F*****G odd ). Then when you have a water pump problem, the oil pump wont work correctly and the light will come on. If you change the water pump you MUST retension the timing belt or you will get oil light problems, and could break your timing belt. If your mechanic didnt retension the timing belt, he is one of those cowards that does the job wrong and causes more problems to your car so you will need to keep coming back and pay for more service. -
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...times it will randomly shut it's self off without any notice. I have noticed at times that the oil light will come on while stopped at a light but will go back off if I tap the gas most of the time.....
I had the oil changed and the check oil light came on