oil level sensor replacement on 1996 Buick LeSabre

My girlfriend is getting a Buick LeSabre for free from some family and it needs a oil level sensor among other things. How in depth is the replacement of that on this for a guy with common mechanics tools, nothing fancy like hoists or lifts or anything. an dhow long do you think it would take. Thanks

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It's external on the oil pan and can be changed fairly easy. It has nothing to do with the low oil 'pressure' warning circuit!! That still works, so it is up to you if it gets replaced. They are not very reliable to start with!
so it really isn't a very important part then?
H... no! That's what the dip stick is for!!
cool thanks for your help
Since the car will be new to you, just check the oil every few hundred miles until you LEARN the vehicle! Maybe service the engine now as well.