Volvo S80 Problem Report

Volvo S80 Oil Leaks From PCV Housing and Turbo Return Line Seals

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Engine oil leaks from the PCV housing and turbocharger oil return line seals have been reported.

Same deal. Not sure what to do. -
the is oil leak around the pcv housing .was also told during oil change and inspection by volvo dealership that is would be a future repair and possibly also will cause the cam seals to leak .it will cost $1,800.00 to have repair .I have not reapired this yet i am at 67,000 mile now and i am hearing the whistling noise and now have the cvvt solenoid failure . -
have not fixed this yet ,i am ordering the parts today ! the dealership told me it would be a in the near future expense of 1,600.00 dollars in VA Beach, VA. I now have 61000. miles and have started to here the whistle :/ so time to fix .Hopefully cams seals are not leaking ,I am not loosing alot of oil since my oil change which at 56,000 is due again at 63000 miles where the oil was filled to top of the fill line on dipstick tube ,it has only leaked down to half way inbetween the botton and top fill line .planning on changing my oil,fule filter ,plugs ,plug wires and brakes now and starting to change the oil every 3000 to 5000 miles after this oil change and oil trap repair.I will be doing this repair my self then take to dealership to have computer updates checked,belt replaced and good look over car to make sure everything else including cam seals are good .I am a 35 year old femal . -
Turbo lines leaking -
took my car in for the fule line recall and was told by the dealership that i had a oil leak at the trap and possibly my cam seals.i have not had it fixed yet.just found this out today . -
Hate that I smell oil burning all the time! -
twin turbos went out 3500 dollar job -
keep springing oil leaks on the engine.seems like its creating pressure that makes this happens. -
Didn't think I had any problems, but mechanic at car dealer said this should be replaced...wasn't pressurizing correctly? -
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