Volvo S80 Problem Report

Volvo S80 Oil Leaks From PCV Housing and Turbo Return Line Seals

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Engine oil leaks from the PCV housing and turbocharger oil return line seals have been reported.

Oil seeping from several locations on the engine. Told due to pressure caused from clogged PCV system. Expensive to repair. -
started 3 months ago did latex glove test over oil filler cap had vac, oil return on turbo real bad ,this kind of stuff should'not happen----08 gmc truck not 1 problem -
Oil leak from front of engine (behind radiator fan on block) increased with time. General shop could not identify source of leak. Dealer seemed to know immediately from general location and size of leak that it was leaky "oil trap." Intake manifold needed removal for repair -- $750 at local Volvo dealer. -
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