Cadillac DeVille Problem Report

Cadillac DeVille Oil Leaks From Lower Engine Area

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The engine may develop oil leaks from the lower crankcase portion of the engine block. Our technicians tell us that the engine must be removed from the vehicle to properly repair this oil leak.

i leak oil and understand there is a new way to fix w/o taking the engine out. -
From the first Northstar engine I brought, 1997 Deville , has cost me 1000's of dollars because of the many problems. The 2005 Deville I also have now also leaks oil and my mother inlaw also has a 2005 DTS that leaks oil. The question is: Who was the dummy that designed and who allows this engine to be put in Cadillac. After all problems you would hope they would fix this problem. But they don't!! I have owned Cadillacs starting with a 1959 though 1990 and never had problems. But now from the time they first install the Northstar engine they have been nothing but junk. I will never buy another Cadillac again. Jerre N. Fischer -
It started at 97000, and continues to this time at 157,000 miles. Perhaps a class action would be in order with GMAC. It leaks and leaks, I do not feel its burning, but leaking from bottom of motor, the crankcase I think. Can we do anything or just complain and eat it? Does anyone have any ideas? I now use 3 quarts between oil change, which is cheaper than repairs at this time. -
A UPDATE --- I was told by A Cadillac Motor Division Rep, that My 2005 Deville Leaking oil was a normal thing... considering the age and miles, I was stunned by what she told me! I told her it was leakig from "3" diff. areas.. her response was "It's Normal for the age and miles!!! What answers for people that have spent Thousands on these oil Leakers!! SHAME C.M.D. -
i leak oil very bad and i have to put atleast a quart in every 3 days. what could be causing that? -
Beautiful Looking car but, NOT the oil spots that the main seals leave on my drive way from my Deville Leaking oil... -
slight oil leak from under engine...three dime-sized spots per night. -
Steady drip from oil pan gasket. Quoted over $1,000 repair due to the labor involved. Tried gasket sealer liquid. Waiting to see if it works. -
oil leak from lower crankcase seal -
leaking oil. Have no solution to prob and will not buy another used caddy again, I do love the car but have owned it for 5 years and there is always something going wrong that runs to 3/600.00 each time. -
Has not been fixed. GM refuses to do anything, even though its a design problem. Perhaps a class action would get some response. -
lower crankcase oil leak not repaired 4000.00 to repair. -
Oil leaking from bottom of engine since 48,000 miles. Had extended warranty, up to 100K, they would not repair. The dealer has now gone out of business. Can we do a class action against GM? It affects 96 Cads through 2005. Great performing engines, just leaks oil between oil changes. -
A rather common issue, GM has revised parts/procedures to fix this. Engine doesn't have to be removed, only the transmission. -
oil leak upper to lower crankcase housing seal. a bitch of a job gotta take everything out. -
I sympathize with the Thousands of people who bought cadillacs with the renown "northstar" engine! Yes, Indeed, I also owned A great looking Deville - what a "Head turner" it was! A 2005 cadillac with only 70,000 miles on it. I went to Cadillac motor division rep. and my area, told to take to a Certified cadillac dealership to have it put on a hoist and to be told I didn't have One leak, but My northstar engine had "Three" leaks all toll !!! Have been told numerous times that it's a MAJOR job to fix these leakers.... also a very expensive job also... -
Woke up this morning... started my cadillac... a whole lot of commotion going on under the hood, so i just leaned my head back... couldn't help but see white smoke in the rear view...choking from the smoke in the garage i backed out and wondered what to do... I Saw oil on the floor and all over the oil pan... I wondered if my baby was driven by another man... I went to mr. cadillac to get my baby some help... He told me to come back monday because so he could take further steps... I was qouted $1500 to get makes me wonder why I bought a cadillac... The sky is falling...and I'm the only one getting wet!!! -
Found a small leak. Had a diagnostic done. Crankcase and rear seal need replacement. $4900 to fix. -
Told half block leaks car. Thought I was getting a price on a good car. I will not buy another DeVille. -
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