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Cadillac DTS Oil Leak From Lower Engine Area

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The engine may develop an oil leak from the lower crankcase portion of the engine block. Our technicians tell us that the engine must be removed from the vehicle to properly repair this oil leak.

Started with a few drops of oil from under engine, keeps getting worse. Dripping oil getting on exhaust or other hot fixture and burning smell comes into passenger compartment unless air reicirc is turned on. I've spoke to a couple of other DTS owners and they have the same problem and from the reports here and on other sites I cannot believe this hasn't been made a recall. -
just noticed a little oil on the ground. No light indications,car runs well just the little oil is annoying.What do you suggest i do and how much do you think it will cost? -
Have been told the gasket at the pan is bad and to fix the motor will need to be removed @ apx. $2,000. The tech I spoke with had worked at a Cadillac dealer up until 06. He said oil leaks were always a problem with Cadillac. Would think this should be a GM problem....any ideas. Charles -
Oil leak from the lower crankshaft. Cost $2,553.00 to repair. I have not had it repaired. Do you think GM knew about this problem? -
Dealer pulled engine and did a total fix for $1,000. Great deal for me. Also fixed several other items. -
Oil leak started small and grew. I initially thought it was just a poorly installed filter. Started before 50,000 but I didn't get it to the dealer. They now say $4,000.00 to repair, Cadillac offered $1,900.00. When I spoke to Cadillac customer service (a misnomer)I also complained heated seats failed, poor high speed braking (severe chatter especially on downhill grades-I changed front brakes rotors and pads to a non-GM brand and this reduced greatly even thought pads were not worn out) and lumbar support in driver's seat inoperable. They said "out of warranty." I now have clunk in front end at low speeds and no memory driver's seat function. $52,000.00 and it has more problems than a Yugo! I have always bought American maybe it's time to change. -
Dealership found right rear valve cover gasket leaking oil onto exhaust manifold. removed and replaced gasket with new o rings. car under warranty, no charge. -
My 2007 Cadillac DTS has an Oil leak under the engine. -
I bought this car new in September 2005. The dealer has performed all maintenance and repairs. I first noticed small amounts of oil on the garage floor at about 45k miles. I took it to the dealer and the diagnosis was a leaking gasket between the block assemblies. The technician recommended a complete engine reseal at a cost of $4,000. I went to the local auto parts store and bought a $10 drip pan. I’ve owned Cadillacs since 1993 and think this one is my last. Update 3/12/2011: After some price negotiation, this baby is going in the dealership shop Monday morning for a reseal. -
Ever increasing oil drips on garage floor. Noticed earlier (while still in warranty) but thought it was filter leaking after oil change. Leak continued, took to dealer. Quoted $4,000 to repair. Contacted Cadillac and told them of the many problems with the car even at this low mileage (heated seats quit working, knock in front suspension at low speed). They offered 1/2 on engine repair. Not very co-operative. Informed me I was out of warrantee, tough luck. Note: noticed oil on floor while still in warranty but to dumb to run to dealer!!! -
2006 Cadillac DTS when i went to the cadillac dealer they said it was the oil filter housing gasket and they charge $ 125.00 to tell me this LIE I replaced the oil filter housing gasket myself but it is the oil pan that is leaking they have had this problem with the oil pans on all DTS cars . this should have been a recall by GM I will NEVER BUY a GM car again and I will TELL/POST this info on every INTERNET SITE everyone will know about this . -
I will never buy another Cadillac and will tell everyone they are junk! -
Like all the others, started with a samll leak and now at 107,000 oil is almost "gushing out". Last DTS started at 75,000 milles and didn't get all that bad until 100,000 mies. Dealer wants $3600 to repair it.'What really irritates me is when I bouth this Cadillac I was told by the dealership that Cadillac had addressed and fixed the problem and the 2007 i bought new wouldn' have the same problem....Studpid me..For a $50,000 car you would think they could correct this if they wanted too. I mean even a Yugo will run alot more miles without this kind of a problem. NO MORE CADILLACS for sure. If this were a Toyota Avalon, they would probably fix if for free or at least adress the problem on forthcoming models..GM wonders why they are getting thier butts kicked in the market....Duh! -
Oil Leaks and Transmission leaks. Really irritating! The whole bottom of that car is wet. Can't decide if I want to pull the engine, which on this motor you don't pull it from the top, it has to come out of the bottom of the car! What a pain, Thanks GM! I could understand if this thing was an old wreck!?!? Of course any dealership will be more than happy to charge you 4K to fix the leaks! Or trade it for something that doesn't leak and give you nothing for the trade in!!! Time to look a different manufacturer's! Goodbye GM! -
Looks like this oil pan gasket leak is extremely common. The motor design is criminal. You have to remove the transmission and exhaust to replace a gasket. ($2000) Love my Cadillac but looks like it's time to visit Mercedes. -
Front crank case gasket, $4000 to repair at dealer. this is my 5th Cad and my last. -
I had my oil changed. Shortly after that I noticed a small oil leak under my carport. The dealer said it was the oil pan gasket and would take 2 days to fix because it was over a ten hour job. It would cost around $2000.00 because they have to take the transmission out to get to it. I haven't fixed it yet because I don't have that kind of money. -
Just bought my used 2007 caddy dts and after having it home for a couple weeks started noticing oil in the drive way thought maybe a leaky oil filter but after reading these reports am realizing this May be more of an issue, sad Cadillac won't step up and fix these extreme common problems -
under repaired....had to pull engine. -
Oil leaking. Replaced valve cover gaskets and oil pan. Replaced the oil pan which was time-consuming and expensive due to how the North Star engine is designed. I love my Caddy but don't feel the same about GM. -
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