BMW 325xi Problem Report

BMW 325xi Burning Smell or Oil Drips on the Ground Due to Engine Oil Leak

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Valve cover gasket leaks are common after 60,000 miles. Symptoms will include oil drips under the vehicle and burning oil smell from the engine compartment.

Brought in my car to local mechanic three times for oil leak (oil on driveway, oil light sensor on dashboard illuminated). In each case, I thought the problem was fixed but after two weeks the dashboard oil light came on again. I thought my mechanic was inexperienced with BMW's, so I took it to a BMW dealer and all seemed fine ($1,000 repair) until two weeks later when the oil light yet again appears on the dashboard. I am taking it back to the BMW dealer next week for a second time. Every possible gasket has been replaced - remember it's been "repaired" for the same problem four times now. I will update next week, but curious if there are any recalls on the specific problem. It seems unfathomable to me that I can bring this car in for repair 5 times for the same repair. -
I had the same problem with my 2003 BMW 325xi. -
The engine has been burning oil for a few years now! Im being told it's the rear main seal. How the hell could that be leaking at 50-60k !!! Bmw was a massive mistake these cars have massive issues! For an expensive car they arent built well! I know so many bmw owners that have some kind of oil burning issue. Bmw needs to do a recall on their damn seals! -
valve cover gasket and oil filter housing gasket and oil separator with 4 hoses were replaced. -
oil leak all over driveway put stop leak in worked for a week started leaking again any sugesteding -
Valve cover gromets leaking causing oil leek into spark plug ports. -
oil is dripping on my driveway from my car! -
Replaced head gasket, $400 -
Oil leaking from engine and coming into contact with exhaust. Causes slight smoke and smell. -
Oil leaking onto driveway, burning smell while driving. -
slow oil leak now leaking a lot more. told by small town mechanic its the oil filter housing gasket. -
Oil dripping onto the exhaust, especially on an incline. Very strong odor of burning oil. -
Looking for a solution -
Constant burning smell and oil problems -
minor oil leak -
oil is coming out from the motor, we change the gasket, also we trying to repair with stop leaking oil but didnt work.. Do I have to replace the whole motor? -
I had that same problem.The dealer fixed the problem but looks they added too much oil.and i had a leak for a month now the leak is gone and the oil level is normal. -
Leaking oil from caskets. replaced - not covered on warranty -
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