BMW 325i Problem Report

BMW 325i Burning Smell or Oil Drips on the Ground Due to Engine Oil Leak

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Valve cover gasket leaks are common after 60,000 miles. Symptoms will include oil drips under the vehicle and burning oil smell from the engine compartment.

Oil leak from the gasket, where the filter assmbly attaches to the engine. :o/ -
leaking from two areas, valve cover gasket and oil filter housing. -
oil drips under the vehicle and burning oil smell from the engine compartment. The repair called for a crank case vent valve & oil filter housing gasket $988 at the BMW shop, when I priced it in other shops they quoted me $140 so we'll see if that's true, they seem to be very familiar with it, so we'll see -
oil smell, leaking from valve cover gasket onto exhaust manifold -
oil leaks coming from OIL LINE hose, smells and smokes of oil burning from under the hood. easy to replace. need to remove the air filter housing. -
Oil leaking from the gasket, dripping on exhaust and causing smoke to come up through the hood. This is the second time I am replacing the valve cover gaskets in 15k miles. -
valve cover gasket replaced -
continuous oil leak. replace oil pan now its the oil gasket -
Unexplained Oil Leak Dealer Could Not Find or Fix. -
I smell burning oil, its def a small leak coming from the engine so I assume its the valve cover gasket. you dont notice it unless the car is running and isnt moving. You dont notice it at all while driving, even if its stop go city BS. -
Had same oil smell and ocational oil drops on garage floor . Solution : I replace head cover gaskets and oil housing gasket . Bought all parts at Bavarian auto ( the most satisfation I got, I did it myself !. I folloewd a video on youtube and it was a spoon of iceream !!! lol. By the way if water pump and thermostat has not been replace in a long time , it's the best time to do it then , you have to take out the fan and all belts so why not do it right away ? right ? do not forget you need a special tool to losen the fan ( bought mine on ebay ). I advice all you people that have this oil leak issues to do it as soon as your wallet allows you beacuse if you do not , the hot oil will eventually eat out all your motor mounts and everything that is call rubber and do not forget your sensors ( very sensitive to hot oil ). I saved in a big way by doing it myself ( it helps having the right tools )check out the DIY video and have fun doing it yourself and save your money . Just to let you guys know one shop was charging me 1,600.00 to do this job. I am glad I did not fall for that rip off.. WELL HOPE THIS CAN HELP.. Be safe !! -
oil leak and smell with thick white smoke coming from tail pipe real bad -
Oil filter housing gasket leaking. Valve cover gasket leaking. Oil separator has gone bad. -
i bought the car as new from the dealer , leaks are common after 60,000 miles. Symptoms will include oil drips under the vehicle and burning oil smell from the engine compartment.the same as i told you that my leak and dripping under my BMW 325i, can the dealer fix it for no charge ?please be advise -
Im on my third oil leak...the latest is the valve cover..smashing.. -
Same smell, like burning exhaust -
oil filter housing gasket..$750 repair at firestone -
Engine compartment smelled of burning oil. Oil could be seen dripping from under the valve cover onto coolant hose on front passenger side under the hood near the radiator. Valve cover gasket was replaced, and confirmed the source of the leak. -
New gasket -
I have the same problem with oil leak and engine smells like it's burning . The smell even comes through the AC vents. -
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