BMW 330i Problem Report

BMW 330i Burning Smell or Oil Drips on the Ground Due to Engine Oil Leak

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Valve cover gasket leaks are common after 60,000 miles. Symptoms will include oil drips under the vehicle and burning oil smell from the engine compartment.

After driving the car for short distance, oil starts smelling strongly. I haven't noticed any obvious leaks in the garage, just the smell of oil more from the passenger side than the driver side. -
not yet fixed...........cheaper to add oil every 3000 miles -
burning smell from engine compartment. starting to show visible leakage from rt side of engine onto exhaust, hence the burning. Was quoted $250.00 for "valve cover gasket service" from local BMW house. Doing it myself for $30.00. -
Oil burning smell and smoke coming from engine compartment near windshield by driver side. The valve cover gasket was found to be the problem; it was leaking on the hot manifold. Had the valve cover casket replaced ($265). Problem fixed. -
Valve cover oil leak -
Oil smell inside car, was result of oil gasket leak due to two broken bolts. Mechanic indicated that this is a common problem and there is a service bulletin that adjusts the torque specs when installing new bolts. Cost was $800. -
oil leaking from vavle gasket -
oil leak. burning smell -
Smells like burning stinky from under my hood. Replaced valve cover gasket. Bam! No more drop, no more stink! -
Leaking valve cover gasket. Smells like burnt oil when i open hood or even inside car with heat/air on. -
still have the problem. So many leaks. -
same problem...leaking oil under the head gasket and running onto exhaust manifold below...burning oil smell comes into car...haven't fixed, just been adding a quart of oil every 3 months...getting tired of it though -
Valve cover gasket -
Oil smell in car plus oil drivers side of engine block -
Oil constantly dripping. Replace 1 qt, abut every 1,000 miles. -
Oil leak with burning smell. Valve Cover Gasket was replaced. Another leak followed soon. It was oil filter stem this time. Just replaced. -
It appears that the oil cover gasket and the oil filter gasket seems to leak every 10000, can't believe how terrible the quality of these parts are. -
Oil is dripping from valve cover onto the exhaust, creating a burning oil smell -
replace valve cover gasket -
I have a continuous oil leak comming from the valve cover. I take it to a bmw mechanic to have the valve cover replaced about 4 times a year.Is there a fix for this problem. PLEASE ADVICE.THXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. -
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