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Volkswagen Passat Engine Oil Leaks

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Engine oil leaks are common from the valve cover gaskets and camshaft chain tensioner gasket.

My car was losing oil. The European car mechanics I was taking it to couldn't figure out how I was losing the oil. The interior of the car started to smell of burning oil. The mechanics were still unable to tell me what was wrong, but were willing to charge me $2000 to try and fix it. I decided not to go back to that garage ever again, and instead, fix the car myself, even though I have no background in car repair. After searching the web for "burning oil smell Passat 2003 V6", I saw that the valve cover gasket and cam tensioner seals were the prime candidate for the cause of the problem. It took me 10 minutes of investigation, to see that my engine was leaking oil, from those locations. I plan to buy the valve cover gasket & cam tensioner seal kit from, and tackle the job myself. -
very common problem, i replaced mine and replaced/cleaned the entire pcv system as a blocked pcv system can cause blown gaskets. when i replaced my valve cover gasket i didnt put ant gasket sealer in the corners etc and its now leaking again less than 15000 miles later, time to do it right by following the write up on -
I can smell the oil thru the vents till car fully warmed up seems to loose 1/2 quart every two weeks very little leaks and reaches the ground under the car or when im driving and engine is fully wared up -
Notified by Miramar San Diego VW dealer that oil is leaking from the back of my engine cylinder head onto the exhaust. Seems like the same issue. -
valve cover gaskets just changed and now leaking oil all over and now need to have cam shift seals replaced -
Develop small leak around cam shaft tensioner. Could smell burning oil after car first started and was warmed up, then smell went away. Used a stop leak additive to oil and it fixed it self after 6 weeks or so. -
Same problem about a year ago - cam plugs, valve cover gaskets, rear axle seals,.. Finally I gave the dealership carte blanche and told them to replace everything that is or could leak and do the 110,000 service ($3,400,) and the burning oil smell never stopped. They said they'd forgotten to clean the top of the engine. They cleaned it and it still continued. I went back a few times. Still denial. Finally I went to another repair shop and they found BOTH cam plugs leaking. A day later the leak stopped. I think the dealership forgot to replace them and thought I'd just go away. Ha Ha Ha. -
not fixed leaking oil no solution at this moment -
Engine light came on - was told by dealer that there was no oil pressure in the engine because of leaks in a few places and valve cover gasket -
Had a crack in my oil pan and was losing oil; a $500 repair bill! Patched the crack and added oil when needed (I neglected my car). Car was acting poorly and replaced both catalytic converters, ABS, Oxygen Sensors, Oil Pan and Oil Cooler. Started the Passat and it sounded great! Within 2 miles I started to smell burning and saw smoke from passenger side engine. Waited 4 days to see if smell would stop and it continued. Called mechanic, showed him the car and 3 Valve Cover Gaskets (VCG) are leaking. After reading online posts and the neglect placed on my Passat, I plan to replace the PCV System prior to any Valve Cover Gaskets. Anyone have any luck with Auto-RX or other similar type engine products to eliminate the VCG from leaking oil? -
Replaced the valve cover gaskets and tensioners -
Main rear seal gasket, upper and lower timing gaskets. $2100, diagnosed by dealer. -
the abs Lights keep coming on and the oil sign keeps flashing and i smell oil in the car -
Noticed leaking oil. Dealer fixed under warenty. Now the rear main seal is gone at 78k. Not happy. -
Leaking oil and some leakant due to main engine bearing seal failure. Dealership wants $1500. -
My car has severe leakage problem. I put oil of 7 quarts and drove just about 20 miles and it started showing stop sign on the dash board. I took it to a mechanic left with him for about 4 days; He said he added 4 quarts of oil and noticed all the oil leaked and when I opened the engine it is full of oil . he said time the repair would cost me 25 to 3500 dollars including the timing belt replacement. Not sure what went wrong. -
I have an oil leak from the camshaft chain tensioner -
oil leaking from valve cover gaskets and camshaft chain tensioner -
Started at 36,000 miles, VW replaced cam and at 124,000 the cam was bad again which caused the complete engine to need to be fixed along with the Turbo. This car has been nothing but repair after repair for multiple items, bought when it had a little over 23,000 miles - BIG POS and I would NEVER buy a VW again! -
leaks oil very slowly. We had valve cover gaskets checked and they were ok. Still have the problem -
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