Chrysler Town & Country Problem Report

Chrysler Town & Country Oil Leak From Valve Covers and/or Front Crankshaft Seal

(18 reports)

On higher-mileage vehicles, engine oil leaks from the valve covers and front crankshaft seal are common.

Replaced oil filter, oil sending unit with no luck. The oil is a steady drip from the front of the motor behind the water pump area. -
coolant and oil leaking from under the timing chain cover. -
valve cover leaks -
not addressed yet -
Gaskets are worn, hard to replace -
just letting it warm up for 10 minutes left a oil puddle just bigger than my foot. coming from near the water pump -
egr needed to be replaced and O2 sensor and now mechanic is wanting to charge another 400 for vavles leaking oil and says it's dangerous. -
timing cover seal or gasquet leak oil -
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