Dodge Grand Caravan Problem Report

Dodge Grand Caravan Oil Leak From Valve Covers and/or Front Crankshaft Seal

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On higher-mileage vehicles, oil leaks at the valve covers and front crankshaft seal are common.

Leaking oil. Replaced valve cover, oil pan, timing chain cover gaskets and front crank seal, all were leaking oil. Did it myself, not too easy but not too hard.. -
Oil leakage all over the front of the block, oil pressure alarm, continuously on. Still not repaired -
leaking at the valve covers -
slight oil leak around valve covers -
Oil light was coming while stoping, then tech said, it was vwery low on oil, so it requires to change the top valve cover gasket, oil pan gasket, and crank shaft seal, I just bought tuis van, so im seing for now what it needs, so I can fix it gradually. -
replaced valve cover seals and the spark plugs for good measure -
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