Oil Leaks; on 1996 Lexus ES300

Oil seems to be showing leakage around the seals, upper and lower area of engine. For the time being I degrease engine periodically, but I would like to know where, and approximately how much it will cost. I'm not to sure if it's the same as gaskets on this car, last estimated quote recieved was between $800-$1000 total to repair.

by in Murrieta, CA on February 22, 2011
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ANSWER by on February 22, 2011
The Lexus is a great engine. We work on a lot of ES 300's. Oil leaks come primarily from the valve cover gaskets, try tightening the hold down bolts (10mm), The camshaft seals and crankshaft seals will leak like any engine if not replaced when doing a routine maintainence Timing belt job. The power steering pump and high pressure hose at the back passenger side of the engine is also a source of oil leakage. A comprehensive timing belt replacement job, oil seals, valve cover gaskets and check valve clearances will cost $900 where I live in California.
COMMENT by on February 22, 2011
Thanks for the reply. I will check right into that. Where in California are you located? If I may ask? My parents are the original owners of car, purchased brand new, (96) plus several trips across the country and still running good, I told them that I wanted it. Routine maintanence check were done while they had it. I live in the Temecula area, and my regulare repairs, (oil change, tuneups, brakes, alignment, plus tires) are done at Sears. Car has 260,009 miles, and runs good, just need to get oil leak repaired before the summer heat hits. If you're not in the area, maybe you can refer someone or a mechanic, I don't want just "anyone" working on my car. She's very special, and there's a great deal of sentimental value there. Thanks
ANSWER by on July 11, 2011
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