Oil leaking on exhaust manifolds on 2000 Cadillac Catera

Had timing belt and valve cover gaskets replaced and shortly after that started burning oil on exhaust manifolds . I replaced valve cover gasket twice in the last two months and still leaking oil onto exhaust manifold . The valve covers appear to be OK . Does not appear to be coming from valve covers. Did all work as a preventative maintenance. Had no leaks prior to this

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re check your work. if there were no leaks before, then there should be no leaks now. the valve covers may be warped. remove them and check to see that the gasket surfaces are clean and straight.

Thank you for your reply Roy. As I had stated in my comment it does not appear to be coming from the valve covers. Is there any other place In that general area that oil would be able to leak onto the exhaust manifold .
there are many places that it could leak but from your posting, you said there were no leaks prior to your repair.

there is a dye that you can get and insert in the oil. let it run and you need an ultraviolet light to see where the leak is coming from. it will pin point the leak for you.

thank you for your help...Ill try the dye