Chevrolet S10 Problem Report

Chevrolet S10 Oil leaking from oil pan gasket

(7 reports)
Oil seeping around the oil pan gasket after being driven. -
Oil is leaking from what looks like the rear main but I had that replaced when I replaced the clutch and slave cylinder, leading me to believe its coming from the rear of the oil pan gasket near the tranny. It leaks while running but not when its shut off. -
Oil pan leaks around edges but only when running. Still leaking, no time to pull pan and replace gasket -
Daily small puddle of clean oil on garage floor. Appears to be dripping down transmission housing support brackets onto housing and onto floor. Haven't fixed yet; not sure it's worth the expense. -
Dripping oil all over driveway. The oil pan gasket was replaced after warranty ran out! Parts and labor was $1,187! Found out it was a common problem with the 2.2l engine. -
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