oil leaking on 1995 Pontiac Trans Sport

I just had my car worked on I had new ball joints new tie rod new radiator oil change intake gasket left wheel bearing now I have oil leaking on the right side what could of happened wouldn't you think that the technician would have noticed this before putting all this money into my car It really knocks now and the leak is very bad I only had it for one day and now all this oil leaking help please

by in Rochester, MN on November 04, 2009
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ANSWER by on November 04, 2009
This really needs to go back the the shop, you can ask for a different technician to work on it, ask to have the lead tech or shop foreman work on it. An honest shop will admit when they make a mistake, others will try to cover it up. Mistakes happen, but it's the good, honest people who step up, take care of the problem, admit mistakes if they were made and have a general concern about you and your car. Good Luck
COMMENT by on November 05, 2009
I wish these people were honest but they are really being jerks I contacted the attorney general to see what I can do
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An engine oil leak may develop from the rear of the engine. This is commonly caused by a failed oil pump drive o-ring seal. The leaking o-ring should be replaced to correct this concern.
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