Oil Leak/Coolant Leak/Head Gasket Replacement? on 2000 Volkswagen Passat

Lots of Smoke coming from the bottom right side of the engine compartment. It is not from the wheel, but the smoke comes from the wheel opening or the wheel well. There is also a burning smell. It happens after the first 10 minutes of driving the car. This car has a history of coolant overflowing and leaking, first episode was back in 2007, we had car checked by a mechanic and he said things were fine, problem came back in 2009 it gets worse when temperatures are high. Also there seems to be an oil leak. Have spent thousands of dollars already with different mechanics, this site has been very helpful since I am no super expert, I am learning as I go. Don't want to continue wasting money, I am officially broke but will give it a stretch for a final repair that will take care of this problem once and for all! If there is any...
Thanks for your help

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i own a 99 passat 2.8.... have similar problem... found to be oil leak and the burning smell and the smoke is the oil dripping on the exhaust... that ten minutes you mentioned was just about the length of time it takes to heat up the pipes enough to cook that oil when it hits...i never seem to lose that much between oil changes ...half a quart or so... have heard other people with much worse leaks then what i have ....feel fortunate its a pretty costly repair im told...