Oil Leak on Timing Belt on 2002 Volvo V70

The mechanic at the dealership tells me my Volvo V70 has an oil leak and oil is getting on the timing belt. He says that I can keep adding oil, but since it is leaking on the timing belt it "could" ruin my engine. Is that true? If I do not address the leak will it ruin the engine because of timing belt?

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Ditto. overbys is exactly right, as well as the Dealership mechanic.
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the oil leak could be from either a cam seal or the crank seal. if oil soaks into the timing belt, it will fail prematurely and break. if the timing belt breaks,
you will have bent valves and if you have bent valves it will be a major engine repair or a used engine. he is
absolutely correct.
Thanks for your reply. That is very helpful.