Dodge Stratus Problem Report

Dodge Stratus Oil Leak May Develop at Cam Sensor O-Ring

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An engine Oil leak may develop at the cam sensor o-ring seal. Our technicians tell us this is often misdiagnosed as an external head gasket leak.

I had to serious oil leaks on my stratus, i would have to put 4 qts every other day just to keep car with car. one was the oil pan was loose and the other they claimed was a head gasket leak, after getting several opinions from several mechanics, one actually got under the car and gave a very detailed overlook under the car and come to find out it was the cam o ring sensor, went straight to autozone purchased the o ring and havent had a oil leak of any kind since then. -
Replaced cam sensor and o ring. -
oil leak bad everytime i start the car -
replaced the cam sensor in July 2011 and again in October 2012, due to oil at the seal. -
leak at cam position sensor dripping all over engine and transmission. leak around engine makes it look like a head gasket leak but had to remove air intake to get a good look and confirmed the cam position sensor leak. -
oil leak around camshaft sensor -
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