Honda Accord Problem Report

Honda Accord Oil Leak in Distributor May Cause Misfires/Loss of Power

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An oil leak inside the distributor can cause the engine to misfire resulting in a loss of power. It is common for the distributor to be replaced to correct this concern.

Car misfires was driving causing a loss of power and seem to momentarily stalls. Took it to the Honda Dealer and was told the reason for the misfires is an after market distributor and spark plug wires need changing. I have not replace the distributor yet but have placed an order for a new Honda distributor should arrive here on Thursday or Friday. I will update after repair and test drive. -
Replace the O-ring inside the distributor before buying a whole new unit- it only cost a dollar and there is no longer oil leaking in my distributor, my car is running great! -
I had to replace the distributor to fix this. -
replace dist -
Actually I had to replace the distributor three time. One case was a faulty part and the shop replaced it for free after taking the car to another shop to rope them in after they said everything was fine when the car was idling very rough. 62271- seal leaking, bought and replaced 64560- faulty distributor/ bad fuse/ replaced for free 100667- replaced distributor- Seal leaking again 150118- Replaced distributor- DIFFERENT SYMPTOM- Car running perfectly while driving then simply dies smoothly like when the car is turned off with a key. Last mechanic said the distributor is a weak link in this car. -
The car turns on but the engine it shakes to much -
my distributor has been replaced twice due to oil in the cap and i have only had it two years -
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