Oil Leak From the Valve Cover Gaskets on Toyota Avalon

The 6 cylinder engines have a tendency to leak oil from the valve cover gaskets, especially the one near the firewall.

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Average mileage: 152,971 (14,100–276,000)
Engine affected: 3.0L V6
11 model years affected: 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, more1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2014
69 people reported this problem
31 people shared problem details
2000 Toyota Avalon- 3.0L V6155,000
Was told I need to have valve cover gaskets replaced for about $600.00. Is this a fair price in 2013 in Nassau County, LI?
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1999 Toyota Avalon- 3.0L V6130,000
It is easily observed with a flashlight that oil is coming out of both valve covers. There is enough oil leaking to drip onto the exhaust and burn as well as leave quarter sized spots where it is parked. The valve cover gaskets will soon be replaced and will most likely solve the problem.
1999 Toyota Avalon- 3.0L V695,000
Repair was made and it runs like a baby again!
2002 Toyota Avalon- 3.0L V6173,000
Oil leaking from both valve cover gaskets
1998 Toyota Avalon- 3.0L V6154,000
Started smelling strong burning and noticed it on the ground keep putting oil in every couple weeks
1999 Toyota Avalon- 3.0L V6245,000
very bad oil leak. Appears as if the engine is on fire :-(
1998 Toyota Avalon- 3.0L V6124,000
vale cover oil leak
2000 Toyota Avalon- 3.0L V6180,000
Took my car to the shop they said I needed to replace both gaskets I replaced both but the rear is still leaking… And I can't get it to stop.
1997 Toyota Avalon- 3.0L V6197,501
started leaking oil but from front gasket near hood latch. kit was $20 and was repaired in 2 hrs
Replace valve cover gasket. Front is easy, rear requires the removal of the intake manifold.
1996 Toyota Avalon- 3.0L V6100,000
not yet fix
1998 Toyota Avalon- 3.0L V6205,000
Toyota Avalon 98. This vehicle ran very well but was leaking very little oil in past years. Over time the oil leakage increased and I feared that loosing oil suddenly can cease the engine completely and make this fine vehicle useless. Preventive Maintenance done 1) Replaced both valve cover gaskets (Gasket Cylinder head) 2) Replaced Cam Shaft seals (Valve Sub Assemble Vent) 3) I also replaced the spark plugs ($ 75.00). Seems like the prices of spark plugs have dropped significantly. Cost: $845.00 for parts and labor ( The labor was about $700 and well deserved) This was a important preventive maintenance and the car runs like a watch.
We just got a new Toyota Avalon for Christmas 2014, new car and already have this problem. Oil leaking under car. Zeljana Besic
1999 Toyota Avalon- 3.0L V6276,000
Valve cover gaskets have leaked since about 175000 miles. Can smell burning oil in car during idle.
2001 Toyota Avalon- 3.0L V6178,000
Tightened bolts
2000 Toyota Avalon- 3.0L V6179,000
Took it to the shop Got them replaced and tune up for 750 dollars
2005 Toyota Avalon90,000
Valve cover gasket leaking oil
1999 Toyota Avalon- 3.0L V6250,000
Whenever it rains, or I wash the car and drive it the smoke starts coming from the back of the engine.
1997 Toyota Avalon- 3.0L V614,100
Took my car in for an oil change and it started leaking then.
1997 Toyota Avalon- 3.0L V667,000
I'm having the same issue with the oil smell. I think $600.00 is a going price to replace the valve cover gaskets. I'm going to examine and possible repair the car myself. If I repair it, I'm going to Jimmy Hayes in Island Park for a nice steak.
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