Pontiac G6 Problem Report

Pontiac G6 Oil Leak From Front Crankshaft Seal

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Vehicles with a 3.5L or 3.9L V6 engine may develop an engine oil leak from the front crankshaft seal. Our technicians tell us a revised front crankshaft seal is available to correct this concern.

oil leaking. have add a qt and half evey week -
Small leak, no perceptible oil under the car, or out the exhaust. As noted, advised on routine oil change. A local Chevrolet dealer, (no Pontiac, right?)- relplaced the oil sensor-wasted $150 beans. My son has the same engine, and has lost a quart every 1m miles-47m now, and problem has existed since 30m, and multiple trips to the original dealer. I plan to take the info obtained from this site, (thx), and, finally, get this fixed-will advise results.... -
Diagnosed during a routine oil change at the dealership. -
I have burned oil since 78k miles. But dealership advised It was not enough to be fixed under my warranty. Not today I noticed oil on my driveway. So I went to get an estimate and I need rear main seal set, crankshaft oil seal, timing cover gasket and oil filter adapter gasket so I am being told. This car is junk ! -
Oil dripping on ground under car when parked. Loss of oil when oil is checked. Smell of oil burning on engine. -
After spending $600 to fix oil pan/gasket leak, now advised crank shaft seal and timing cover leak. Shop wants another $700! -
oil leak ,car want start , electric starter ,brake lamp malfunction, electric power steering assist ,transmission shift cable fracture , -
I was not even aware I had this issue, I brought my car in because the coolant reservoir tank was leaking and they told me I had an oil leak from the crankshaft seal. I had no indicator of this happening. The service warranty I purchased with my vehicle covered this repair in its entirety. -
On my 2007 gt g6 Pontiac I've been seeing a little oil leak , looked under when chaining my oil and filter , it seems to be leaking between motor and bell housing, I was look how to get my oil chang light off My radio , and I found here on web site about the leak problem other owners have or having, haven't Look any farther to see if there's a recall on it , -
crankshaft seal leaking -
bad oil leak from gasket -
Took Pontiac G6 GT Convertible 3.9 in for recall and mechanic also informed me that I had an oil leak. I was told it is the oil pan gasket. -
Crankshaft seal leak -
terrible oil leak -
The whole bottom of my car is covered in oil. Mechanic diagnosed. His exact words were "The car is not even worth repairing. I would check the oil often and add it as it needs it until it dies then drop a new motor in it." I will never buy a GM again... My 01 Eclipse GT has no leaks at all and is Mechanically perfect! -
Dealer replaced front seal to stop oil leakage. -
Not fixed! After i took it to the shop for the recall. Problem still exists. -
Noticed a small amount of oil on garage. At next oil change, mechanic told me the oil was coming from the crank shaft seal. -
found engine 2 quarts low, degreased engine and appears oil is leaking from the pulley seal. Not fixed yet. -
Blew the engine -
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