Oil leak coming from front of engine Found at oil change 98,000 miles on 2003 Lexus IS300

I went in for an oil change and it was found at the oil change when they pulled the under-body back that I had oil leaking from the front of the engine. Still had plenty of oil on the dip stick and also the car has NOT been running hot. So no other symptoms so to speak. That car place does not do "engine" work like that but they said it looks like maybe a front head leak. I called another mechanic and spoke with them over the phone where they suggested to clean the engine real good and put a dye in there to see where the leak is coming from because it sounds more like a valve gasket leak. My question is which is more likely on my car with the so called symptoms and also is this a do-it-yourself project verses paying around 600 for labor and parts that do not cost that much??

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seek diag as to not guess wrong and you might want to have it done as this could be valve cover gaskets or frt crank seal or cam seals
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Possible valve cover gasket, cam seal, or crank seal...Anyone can do-it-themselves on a valve cover gasket...some may just need more time, others may need a hand.