Oil Leak at head gasket on 1991 BMW 325i

Looking to buy this car from a mechanic, says he's invested $4000 in motor, looks like new head, radiator, H20 pump, etc., I looked at it and he admitted it has an oil leak. Between the head and block (looking through the exhaust manifold) after I drove it and warmed it up, saw oil leaking (not running) out. What do you think, What should I expect. He only wants $1500 and I really liked the way it ran and the condition (really clean and solid), except for the oil leak???

by in Redding, CA on January 30, 2009
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ANSWER by on January 30, 2009
If the engine was "just recently rebuilt" it shouldn't be leaking from the head gasket. If it does how good a job was done rebuilding the engine if the head.gasket leaks oil. I had a 325 myself its a great engine very reliable. Have a pre purchase inspection done by a garage with knowledge of BMWs ,if other items are found wrong with the car at least you can negotiate.price.
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