Oil Leak above Oil Pan on 1994 Cadillac Eldorado

For the past five years, we have had an oil leak above the oil pan on the engine block. I not sure if it is worth fixing or keep the oil level up weekly. I use about 1 qt per week or less. The oil stick is clean, very clean and I told that the engine is still good. I also told once you open a engine expect more troubles down the road and don't open it.

Is there caulking or something that I can put around the outside of the engine to stop the leak or put inside the oil to stop it from the inside?

1 answer
There is not anything reliable that you can do, other than replacing the leaking gasket. The most effective way to find a leak like this is to add a special fluorescent dye to the oil, drive it for probably 10 minutes in this case, then use a black light to see where the traces of dye are exiting the engine. This avoids having to clean all the residual oil, and since this has been going on for 5 years, this thing has got to be a mess under there.
And "opening an engine" for repairs will only invite more problems if the person performing the job does it poorly.