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1990 Ford E-350 Question: oil leak above filter

1982 ford 460 does it have a adapter that the filter screws on,is it removable to replace a gasket or o ring seems like that is where the oil leak is comming from. thanks -
Answer 1
Napa has a oil filter adapter kit made by Mr Gasket http://partimages.genpt.com/largeimages/234673.jpg and you can see the o-ring in the picture and it probably needs replacement -
Comment 1
thanks,warming up tomorrow, if napa has it , i'll try to fix it -
Comment 2
Here's the Napa part number BK 7354351 better to call ahead as I doubt that they stock this, Please double check the part with the counter person. Good Luck! -
Comment 3
replaced o ring on block side of filter adapter $ .50 part , part # 447 rr so far not leaking. -
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