oil leak on 2000 BMW 528i

i have a major oil leak. anyone got any ideas as to what are some major cause of oil leaks on theses cars. i know that the leak is a high leak. but not sure if its a head gasket or not. i even used oil dye to pin point the leak. but there is to much oil that would miss jugde the area. would using a smoker on it help for pin pointing the problem?. i didnt find any service bulletins on leaks. i lost about 1.5Q of oil very quick. i know the leak is on the driver side of the motor and its a high leak. any ideas?

by in Rochester, MN on July 22, 2009
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ANSWER by on July 22, 2009
A smoke generating machine puts "smoke" into the internals of the engine. If the intake manifold intake is sealed off and smoke put in a vacuum hose it should pin point your leak as the "smoke" fills the crank case slowly and only generates about 1.5 to 2 psi of pressure. The oil leak is obviously oil under pressure by the way you describe the oil quickly spilling out. It should not be difficult to locate by just running the engine.
ANSWER by on June 17, 2010
make sure the dip stick is not seated a the base of the engine the nut may have come loose or it could be a worn oring use to seal the dip stick tube to the engine block
ANSWER by on June 12, 2013
Oil filter housing gasket.
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