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1995 Cadillac Seville STS Question: Oil leak

I have an oil leak but the smoke come out through the front grill (mostly on the drivers side)I have had some tell me this couldn't be from the oil pan. I have tried to look under it. My thinking is it seems to run down the bottom rail of the car toward the front and then gets hot if that makes any sense. I am now having to add oil pretty regular which I usually added a quart or 2 between oil changes which they told me was norm for this Northstar engine and mileage 165,000 miles on it. Wonder what your thinking is about this leak??? Jan -
Answer 1
The most common cause for an oil leak on your 1995 Cadillac Seville STS would be from the lower section of the crankcase. There are many other possible places where your engine could develop oil leaks. Cleaning the engine and then performing a complete inspection may be the best way to begin to determine the cause of your leak or leaks. -
Answer 2
your car has a oil cooler on the drivers side of the radiator. Check radiator or two oil lines running to the radiator. Lines could be leaking -
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