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1996 Honda Passport Question: oil leak

Been having an oil leak -
Answer 1
On '96-01 Passports, it's not uncommon for vehicles to consume a quart of engine oil every 3,000 miles. Short trips, stop-and-go driving, extended idling,trailer towing and tired engine can increase oil consumption. Further inspection of engine components should be inspected such as , Valve cover gaskets, Front engine seals, rear engine main seal. Power steering system. Power steering pump, Power steering hoses, Rack and pinion. Your local repair shop should be able to perform and pinpoint exact location of oil leak by performing visual inspection. -
Answer 2
how expensive it's to fix an oil leak? is it worth it? -
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no codes, can't with a car this old..they said. transmission oil leak, brake light comes on, check engine light, a-p transmission light, exhaust leak.
i was driving on the highway and my oil gauge dropped below zero, and my car locked up and shut off
they replaced valve cover gaskets and head gaskets and all of the cam plugs and all the o-rings we could find