Oil Leak on 1999 Acura TL

I went to the acura dealership and was given a diagnostic. It said that I had an oil leak and that the oil pump needed to be replaced. I wasn't able to see any appreciable difference in the oil levels after an oil change, though. When I went to an independent shop, they lifted the car on stilts and showed me that there was oil all around the bottom of the pan and drain plug. Does this sound like the oil pump needs to be replaced? It's a pretty expensive repair.

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Yes it could easily be an oil pump leaking since the oil pump is located externally at the front of the motor not in the oil pan. I am repairing the same issue now on a friends vehicle now.

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Well, if your oil pump stops working there would be very little chance for an external oil leak beside the loud knocking sound. Something has to push that oil out, right?
I think you might have an oil pan gasket issue, or an other source of oil leak.
I'd get the engine degreased and see where the oil is leaking from.

You have a gasket leaking- either valve covers or oil pan