oil leak on 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis

i have small oil leak coming from the head gasket how long can i drive it with condition . there no signs of white smoke ,coolant lose or oil- coolant mixture

by in Jonesboro, AR on May 17, 2009
1 answer
ANSWER by on May 17, 2009
Is the leak 'FOR SURE' coming from the Head Gasket or the Valve Cover Gaskets? It is common for the Valve Cover Gaskets to leak and people mistakenly think it is a head gasket problem. If it is the Head Gasket leaking oil it is very hard to say how long you can drive the car, because it may 'Blow' at any time and we are heading into Summer, which will put maximum stress on the Head Gaskets due to the hotter temperatures.
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Wear on the rear axle shafts near the bearings can create excessive play and lead to gear oil leaking past the seals. Gear oil will leak onto the brake backing plate, brakes, and wheels.
...Need to constantly place water in radiator. Check oil no oil needed. Notice some type of oil leak after car has been parked in a particular spot for over 10 mins.

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