oil leak on 2005 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport

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Last fall, I took my car in for a recall. Now I can't remember what it was for. About a week later, I noticed it was leaking oil. There was a puddle of oil under it, but it wasn't low on oil. Then all of a sudden, it quit leaking. Now, it's leaking again, and it is low on oil, but still we can't see where it is leaking from. Any ideas
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When the car had been in for the recall could the oil filter have been changed at that time and some residual oil been left on the engine under shield that after a while would drip and then go away. As for the leak you have now make sure it is in fact engine oil, check the power steering fluid level and transmission fluid level just in case. Older Subaru engine were pretty bad for oil leaks but the seem to get better in more recent years. Valve cover gaskets still seem to be the major cause of oil leaks.