oil leak on 1998 Mercedes-Benz ML320

leak getting worse front left under oil filter but not filter cap

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Having the same problem. Do you know where I can find diagram of the components and parts for this area of the filter system?
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I had the same problem, it would get on my serpentine belt and a little on the ground. I replaced the two seals that mount the oil heat exchanger to the oil filter assembly, and also the seal on the little cover below on the timing cover. It is an access point to gallerys or for oil pressure. It, or the upper seals will slowly leak down the front of the engine and make you think the oil filter cap is the culprit. This cured my only leak and kept things cleaner all around. Hope this helps. E having a huge leak that sounds just like whats giong on withmy truck...i have the same model and year,,,can you give me any advise on how much this might cost?the leak is coming from between the oil filter cap(the metal piece below it) and a square piece connected to it....i am a girl...can i fix this alone? if you feel like calling it would be very sad about the oil explosion:-( (859)760-8964....thanks
Make sure the oil filter is tight and not the source of the leak.
Have oil filter housing check out.root cause most likely is the O-ring failed causing the leaks...